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“Born to Be Heard” – New Single & Video

Watch the video for our new single, “Born to Be Heard,” over at YouTube:

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“Three and a Half Stars” – New Single & Video

We’re having a little fun at Rolling Stone’s expense in our new video, “Three and a Half Stars.” This is a slightly slower remix of the song compared to the version on our Two Places EP.

Watch it here:

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“Last One Standing” – New Single & Video

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES: Dingus has the premiere of our brand new 4-song EP, Two Places. Meanwhile, Impose debuts our new single/video, “Last One Standing,” with an extensive Q&A about our new songs, Dan singing Phil’s lyrics, and the band’s future. Check it all out:

Impose: “Last One Standing” video/Q&A
Dingus: Two Places EP

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“Fresh Cowards” – Single & Video Out Now

“Fresh Cowards,” the 4th and final single/video from Conductor, is out worldwide, featuring remixes of Wild Decade tracks by What Model Citizens, Alien Trilogy, and Mike G. of Face Tat. Watch, stream, or download below:

Spotify: http://bit.ly/SP-Cowards
iTunes (US): http://bit.ly/iT-US-Cowards
iTunes (UK): http://bit.ly/iT-UK-Cowards
iTunes (CAN): http://bit.ly/iT-CA-Cowards
Amazon (US): http://bit.ly/AZ-US-Cowards
Amazon (UK): http://bit.ly/AZ-UK-Cowards
eMusic: http://bit.ly/EM-Cowards

(If you live outside of US/UK/CAN, the recordings can be found on your regional store domain, i.e. Amazon.de, iTunes.ca, etc.)

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“Glowing Green” – Single & Video Premiere

We’re excited to announce our new video and single: “Glowing Green.” The digital single for “Glowing Green” also includes a brand new track, “Community,” which has never previously been released. Read the interview and write-up at Impose Magazine, or watch the video below.

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